Offset print

To get your packaging a special look, think about its print design or a special varnish. We can offer you many varnishes, beginning with the usual dispersion varnish until special combination of UV effect matt, glossy, metallic and other UV varnishes. We can also offer you special technical varnishes as a special barrier varnishes against grease or water resistant varnishes.

Your packaging will be printed on our Manroland 706 LTTLV Hiprint print press equipped with Prindor Foiler, which can print many different print effects:

Basic dispersion varnish – glossy varnish, mat varnish; Special dispersion varnish – barrier, skin, blister; UV whole surface varnish - mat, glossy varnish; UV spot varnish – mat/glossy effects; Hybrid effects - mat/gloss, structure /gloss; Prindor Foiler + dispersion varnish; Prindor Foiler + UV varnish; Prindor Foiler + hybrid effects; Prindor Foiler + blister varnish

ManRoland Inline Prindor Foiler is a revolutionary method of foil application. It applies the foil to the printing sheet during the printing process. Within one pass through the press it is possible to apply the foil and over print it with four inks. With the high registration ability of the foil applicator and the ability to combine the metallic effects with other features, i.e. UV blister and other varnishes it enables us to produce and create designs in entirely new way.


5 000
tun lepenky
3 000 000
potištěných archů měsíčně
13 000
tiskových zakázek ročně

Examples of our work

If you found our equipment and our ability to produce folding boxes in all possible dimensions and designs including of surface enhancement interesting, so just send us an e-mail.