packaging for house and garden

Hardly any area is characterized by season sales more than garden accessories. These products require correct timing and fluent deliveries in shopping chains. For this reason especially in this branch we take care of flexibility and speed of deliveries. Do you have more products? We suggest you complex solution in order to amaze each from packaging. We know, gardening is hard branch that is way we put importance in cardboard with high resistance in tear for heavy and solid packaging needed in garden. At packaging for gardening we respect very good printing and excellent surface finishing. We consider natural thing easy and intuitive use.

We will produce

2 000 000
folding boxes for quick manually wrapping
800 000
tons folding boxes with barrier against moisture
1 500 000
folding boxes made from high load (Kraft)

Examples of our work

We are specialists in production of packaging from all type of cardboard with offset and digital printing. Are amazed by our results and are interested in similar solution? Don´t hesitate to contact us.