Production process

First meeting

At first we will ask you to define your needs – what your product is and the vision of your product packaging. We will discuss your demands concerning packaging, material and its surface enhancement. Based on your vision we will propose the optimal solution.

Creating of a sample

Then you will receive a few samples to test, if the draft packaging fits your product. Together with the sample you will get also our price offer.

Drawing and dimension

Mostly is necessary to tune the packaging up. If needed we can prepare a "zero series" to test the packaging in your packaging line. This series can be printed or unprinted. For this reason we have also smaller die cut machines in house.

Quantity and production

Send us your order with specific quantities, items and deliver the art works to us. For easier art work transfer we prepared instruction manual, which you can only pass to your DTP studio. We will send you an order confirmation and give you the delivery date. After the art work approval we produce the packaging.

Warehousing and Logistics

If you ordered a big quantity of packaging, you can take advatage of our own warehouse. From our ware house you can always call off the quantity which is needed for an paticular delivery date - just in time.

Customer satisfaction

After a few months all packaging is spend. There is nothing easier then order a reprint. We have all art works sorted out and saved in our data base. If your reprint is repeated frequently we will save enough card board in our ware house, so that you don't have to wait for the next print run.