Production of farmaceutical packaging

We fully comply with high requests for production of packaging for pharmaceutical industry. On the first place is standing possibility to trace back lots and to distinguish the single production orders clearly, that we manage in our production system excellent.

As we know during production is necessary to keep also others strict standards. We are keeping conditions i.e. good manufacturing practise. We deliver our packaging as in big pharmaceutical companies so to producers of food supplements. We are able thanks to our team of experts to make your packaging more attractive in order to not leave your aim group cold.

We will produce

5 000 000
boxes of fibers
15 600
slov brailovým písmem
zakázek se studenou ražbou

Examples of our work

We are specialists in production of packaging from all type of cardboard with offset and digital printing. Are amazed by our results and are interested in similar solution? Don´t hesitate to contact us.