Toys and electronic packaging production

You as toy and electronic producers will highly pay the investment in consciously enhanced packaging. Your branches are directly offered using the most advanced technologies that you find in our house – special UV effect, cold embossing Prindor foiler and others. We take time doing your atypical construction packaging, beginning from inserts and interlays up to transparent foils window. We manage various technical solutions, however we are specialists in blister packaging for whose 100 % function we guarantee thanks years of development and experience. Do you have more products? We will design for you complex solution of packaging in order to be amazed by every packaging.

We will produce

1 200
ton cardboard
6 500 000
blister cards per month
500 000
glued folding boxes

Examples of our work

We are specialists in production of packaging from all type of cardboard with offset and digital printing. Are amazed by our results and are interested in similar solution? Don´t hesitate to contact us.