About us

We are a modern printing company specialised in production of packagings of all types of cardboards with offset, silk-screen and digital printing.

The roots of our company can be traced already in the first half of the 20 century. Despite this long and rich tradition, our company is equipped with the latest modern technology and we follow closely the latest developments and trends in the market. 

We focus primarily on production of blister cards and boxes from coated cardboard with offset printing. Thanks to our modern printing machines, we can produce them in all possible types and sizes of cardboards in weights from 200 g/m2 to 800 g/m2. In addition to a standard printed packagings, we can enhance the packagings with the use of various glosses, applying silver foils or adding variety of partial varnishes.

In 1931, the company "Václav Navrátil" bought a tannery house number 46 in Nové Město nad Metují. Thanks to this acquisition Mr. Navrátil´s firm has gained a supplier for his shoemaking factory, that had been established in Kolin. The tannery was prospering well untill the coup d'état in 1948.

After nationalisation in 1948, the tannery was closed and the production was reoriented to printing and processing of cardboards. Shortly after privatization in the 90s the latest director Mr Miroslav Bauch and descendants of the original factory owners, family Navratil have established the company Bauch & Navrátil s. r. o.

The essence of our company represents a combination of a long tradition and modern approach. We are active in the field of printing for many years. We built a strong network of partners and suppliers – consisting of local companies as well as respected and well known producers worldwide.

From the onset we have built our business on the capacity to be flexible during production. We are flexible during processing the orders. Maybe it could be the reason why we have the privilege to care of customers from all Europe.

The company management is standing on the solid basis, from the creation of our company up to the present we have invested in machinery equipment and buildings. Throughout the years we have been gradually growing and currently the number of our employees has reached 100.

The family character of our company remained valid up to today. In the middle of green nature in Nové Město nad Metují, at the piedmont of the "Eagle Mountains", there rules a homely atmosphere underlined with kindliness and friendliness of our employees to each customer, regardless whether they need only a few pieces of goods or our products in large quantities.