Folding, gluing and window patching

Good and exact folding and gluing is a base for a honest folding box. We can fold and glue standard folding boxes and special folding boxes including CD or DVD envelopes, letter envelopes and conical folding boxes as well. Would you like that your customer will see the product what is inside? No problem, we will patch a window on your box.

Our folding and gluing machines Heidelberg Diana 115 a Jagenberg Diana 105-2 can produce folowing designs for you: lengthwise glued, with lock bottom, 4-point and 6-point glued, with double wall, etc..

We will produce

9 280 000
slepených obalů za měsíc
480 000
vylepených okének měsíčně
různých konstrukcí

Examples of our work

If you found our equipment and our ability to produce folding boxes in all possible dimensions and designs including of surface enhancement interesting, so just send us an e-mail.