Prindor Foiler - Cold Foil Application

Roland Inline Prindor Foiler, or cold foil application is revolutionary technology of printing not only packaging materials that enables to create many metallic effects direct in printing machine.

It is unique technology that only we are able to connect to technology of printing UV colours and varnish. It is developing infinite range possibilities to refine the packaging or other printed materials.

ManRoland Inline Prindor Foiler is a revolutionary method of foil application. It applies the foil to the printing sheet during the printing process. Within one pass through the press it is possible to apply the foil and over print it with four inks. With the high registration ability of the foil applicator and the ability to combine the metallic effects with other features, i.e. UV blister and other varnishes it enables us to produce and create designs in entirely new way.

Advantages of the technology Prindor Foiler:

Application of the foil, colours and varnish within one pass through the press, high quality of the foil matching detail up to 0,25 pt, the foil can be applied to the parts where hot stamping is not possible, no cost for process - blocks, entirely new effects.