The important part of products from coated folding cardboard makes the cards type blister and skin, winding cards, sleeves and other flat cutting with the printing.

The surface blister card is coated instead of usual paint with glossy thermo-active paint, which ensures the connection plastic blister with the cards. The surface skin cards made from printed cardboard don´t paint because of better adhesion thin foil to the card and to the product.

Blister cards we produce using standard materials GT2, GC2 a GC1 in combination with proved paints from our suppliers. Print of the cards is usually reversible and it is possible complete the cards with euro-cutting for hanging and with tearing perforation.

Now we can apply silver or gold foil thanks the technology Prindor Foiler on the blister cards. We aim to the clients from area electronic, heath care and pharmacy.

We print the skin cards the most often on the proved material UT2 in weight 600g/m2. After print the sheets are cut according to required size for further processing at client house – usually on B2 (500x700mm) or B3 (350x500mm.